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    Maxwell Leggingsteele
    Entei Dorm

    It was early in the morning and Maxwell was - as most could guess - sound asleep. He hadn't heard the noise of Quillie returning with Wilson from the Swinub's chase for food. He hadn't heard Slackey giving off loud snores although the Slakoth laid right on top of his head. And he most certainly hadn't heard the quick and annoyed pecking that his window was getting subjected to. But what he did hear, was the sound of a loud cawing as well as the sound of something breaking in through his window.

    "Honch, Honch!" A dark shadow towered over Maxwell as the teen started to awaken due to the loud noise. At first everything was blurred out, much like an unfinished painting made from water-color. But as his sight became clearer, Maxwell could make out a big, bright-yellow beak as well as a pair of flare-red eyes. He jumped back with a yelp, accidentally showing Slackey into an uncomfortable position in the bed and kicking Katam into a wall. Nou surprisingly both Wilson and Quille woke up at the sudden commotion. The Quilava and the Swinub flew into a half-sleep kind of rage and started pummeling the attacker.

    The unwelcome guest was taken off guard and started squawking loudly as it tried to get rid of both Quillie and Wilson. Brushing away a few dark feathers from his face, Maxwell looked at the creature who was now lying on the floor of his room with Quillie and Wilson over it.

    "Guys, guys stop!" He suddenly exclaimed. Wilson and Quillie quickly stopped attacking and instead looked at their trainer, both equally puzzled. "Can't you see? It's Hugin!" Hugin was one of Maxwell's father's most prized Pokémon from his days as a Trainer. Originally a Murkrow, his father had eventually found the right stone to evolve it with. The Honchkrow rose from the ground and looked sternly at both Quillie and Wilson. The Swinub quickly realized what he had done and started apologizing to the big crow. Quillie on the other hand just scoffed, but directed a regretful look at Hugin. The Honchkrow sighed and turned to Maxwell.

    "Honch, Honch."[The cheif wants you to have this.] He said and handed Maxwell a letter. The teen quickly opened it and started reading out lout for everyone to hear.

    "Dear Maxwell," it began, "I have sent Hugin on a mission to deliver this letter to you. Now I know that you're wondering what kind of stupid thing I'm going to say, er, write now. But I assure you that this is of the highest importance! Me and your mother presumes that you're doing good at the Academy so far. Although it says that today parents are allowed to visit, we have decided not to. Why? Because One, you have been at the Academy for such a short time comoared to the others I believe, so we want you to get comfortable before we visit. Two, even if we wanted to visit you, we can't! We're both far too busy! But don't fret, I've sent Hugin to keep you company, isn't that fun? Although he will only be able to stay for one day he'll - Ooh, almost out of space to write on, anyway I'm also gonna give you an egg now bye!"

    Maxwell put the letter down beside him on the bed and sighed. After a while he laughed at the whole thing. Getting woken up early in the morning by a violent Honchkrow carrying a letter as well as an egg from his slightly crazy dad. It was pretty much like a sitcom! And an 80's sitcom at that. For some reason the name "Lincoln's Got It Right!" as well as a jingle popped into his head. Oh yeah! His father had sent him an egg as well! Maxwell made it over to an Egg-Case he saw, lying on the floor. Luckily the glass tube was still intact, as well as the egg inside it. The teen took one look at it and emmideatly knew what it was. A smile the spread across his lips as Maxwell took a quick shower and put on some clean clothes.


    He opened the doors to the Entei Dorm and stepped outside. The sun was shining and several Bird-Pokémon sat in the trees or flew around, chirping happily. Hugin glared at some of them with distrust as he sat perched on Maxwell's shoulder. Although he was a bit too big, the bird had no intention of scootching over. Instead he pressed Maxwell's head and Slackey lying on said head to the side. It got a little painful after a while. As he walked towards the cafeteria, the teen quickly noticed a familiar face. It was his girlfriend sitting on a bench, reading some kind of book.

    "Hey Genevie-" He began but was quickly cut off by Hugin cawing like a madman at the girl. "Hugin shut up! She's not dangerous, she's my girlfriend!" He said sternly at the Honchkrow. Hugin didn't sound too convinced but he still stopped cawing. "Excuse him," Maxwell said and shuffled the Egg-Case in his hands a bit uncomfortably, "He's my father's Pokémon and for some reason he's here to spend the day with me. As you might've noticed, he doesn't trust other people too much."
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