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    Genevieve Molyneux
    Outside Entei Dorm

    Genevieve turned another page in her book, she wasn't sure how long she had been sitting there reading. But she was extremely interested in this book. It gave a lot of insight into the seasons, stating that encounters with wild Pokemon differed from the Seasons, and there was even a Pokemon that changed form depending on the season. She was hoping she would be able to find a Deerling on the Island.

    As she was about to turn another page she heard a voice start to say her name before it was cut off with a loud cawing sound. Looking up she spotted her boyfriend holding an Egg-Case in his hands while both Slackey and a Honchkrow he addressed as Hugin on his head. She giggled slightly and put her bookmark back in her book and standing walking over to him. "It's okay, my father has a Pokemon that's like that too, and well Sapphire is too if you haven't noticed" she chuckled. "I haven't been out here long. Wanted to know if you wanted to join me for Breakfast. I might be a bit busy right after class" she smiled more at him as she waited for his response.

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