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    Easy one. I've played most of the major Digimon games (World 1-3 + Data Squad, DS ones), and they were great, but hey can't really beat the Pokemon games IMO. Digimon World 3 was a close call, but it had some serious issues, like being to hard in some parts (aka requires a lot grinding) and sizes of Digimon were ridiculous, like some small Digimons were as big as Angemon. The DS games and Data Squad improved a lot, but in I think they never really surpassed the third one. They looked better, played better, but DW 3 just had something those games don't. tl;dr - Pokemon all the way. As for the anime show, I'd have to go with Digimon. I watched all seasons except for Xros Wars, and they are way better than the Pokemon show. I love Pokemon, but in the terms of directing and actual storyline, Digimon did better. But I am not really fond of Xros Wars (saw two episodes) since they used some fusion things. I don't really like that since Digimon was always about levels (Baby, Child, Adult, Perfect and Ultimate) except for Frontier, but I liked that concept. I guess if I watch it I'll like it. Maybe the concept ain't that bad. tl;dr - Digimon shows win. Original Uncut that is. Not the dubs.
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