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Icarus Uprising

Hikari thought Icarus' job was cool. It was mostly boring, actually quiet most of the time. No activity means no fun, so what was the point? Still, getting the food for Sacred Fire was well rewarded. Hey, if Icarus gets food to people there, he's gotta be doing something right. Hikari took the time to answer the little girl's many questions, which I gotta say, was way over Icarus' mind. He couldn't remember any word she asked of her. Could Hikari answer that many questions?

Hikari apologized to Icarus for the little girl's interruption. "I-it's fine..." Icarus shyly answered, looking down & tapping his right foot on the ground. He noticed the girl ask if she could live with Hikari. Somehow that didn't bother Icarus much. It's not like she has a boyfriend or anything...right? She doesn't have a boyfriend, does she? I mean, if she does, there goes Icarus chance at happiness.

While the festival was still running, some other girl dropped in with a Zapdos & offered the little girl her home. Was she from Divine Water? Looks like it, but why would she suddenly offer the girl shelter? The little girl squeezed & hugged the princess, a rash choice. Icarus was eyeing that princess curiously. Something didn't add up.

Ichigo was too timid to mention his name to the Entei, but he did try at least. (I-Ichigo...) he answered. He hid his faces under his ears, blushing too much. Why did he have to be so timid as his linked human? At that time, he sensed a Zapdos drop by. Turning around, he saw a girl being squeezed by another little girl. Suddenly, Ichigo didn't like this other princess linked with Zapdos. He couldn't figure it out, he just didn't like her, attitude was it? He glared at the princess with mean eyes. (Stay away...!) he managed to say.

Icarus walked up to the princess & the little girl, shaking with little attempt. He bent down on his knees, staying close to the little girl. "Uh... Maybe it's b-better...if you l-lived, um, with H-Hik-k-kar Denset-tsu..." he suggested quietly to the little girl, but close enough to her so she could hear. Is she still hyper?

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