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Kayla and Holly

Holly looked up at Haru and then at the ground. "Um... no thank you.", she said. Kayla looked up at Haru too. "I guess we don't feel like eating.", she said. She looked around for a minute, and noticed Molly was... staring at Haru. "Holly... what's wrong with her?", Kayla asked. Holly looked at Molly, then back at Kayla. "I don't know...", she said. Kayla shrugged and sat thinking for a second. "Hey! I have an idea!", she said. Holly looked up at Kayla confused. "How about we all do something after class?", she said. This is perfect! Maybe if I get them together, then Holly could- Her thought were interrupted as Rosemary jumped off her shoulder and looked at Lumina. "Hi!", she said. Lumina looked at her and waved. Kayla looked at Holly and Haru. "So how about it?"
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