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    Victoria looked up as Vincent approached from afar. Blushing a little and combing the now dry bangs from her eyes, she smiled at his small compliment about the fire. The boy scratched the back of his neck, he looked almost hesitant or shy about something, if Victoria had to guess. She couldn’t imagine what for, he hadn’t done a single thing embarrassing or stupid his whole time here. Unlike Victoria.

    She hadn’t expected him to sit next to her all of a sudden. For a reason she couldn’t explain, she tensed as he did so; sitting up a little straighter than before. Pixie studied him, not quite sure what to make of the boy. She didn’t see too many men, aside from Victoria’s father of course. He presented a most curious subject of study in the Pokemon’s mind.

    Vincent reached out his hand, an attempt to pet the little Vulpix, if she would let him. Victoria cleared her throat, casting a glance in Vincent’s direction before quickly averting it back to the fire. “Uh... her name is Pixie,” she said quickly.

    Pixie saw the outstretched hand, sniffing it appraisingly, she nudged her head against it. Her movements almost catlike, she dove in completely, never one to pass up a good petting. Moving her body, she let his hand scratch from the neck down, a spot typically unreachable for her to scratch herself. Deciding the boy was okay after all, she stopped the petting and walked up to Vincent’s side, curling up into a ball against his body.

    Victoria couldn’t help but smile at her little Pokemon, proud that the typically quiet Vulpix wasn’t too shy towards Vincent.

    An awkward silence overcame them. She shuffled uncomfortably at the situation, unsure exactly what to talk about and playing with her hair nervously. “Uhm...d-did you know that Vulpix are only born with one tail? They... they uh, split the one tail into the six that you see now as they grow older.” If Victoria could have slapped her hand against her forehead, without looking like more of a moron, she would have done so right then.

    ‘Really Victoria? Boring facts about Vulpix?’ She thought to herself in a self depreciating manner. 'He probably knew that already anyway..." A mental groan of exasperation rose up in her mind, rolling her eyes to herself in derision.

    “So uh, yeah... Where are you from Vincent? Just kind of curious is all," she asked, trying her hardest to make eye contact, despite her discomfort at doing so. A most desperate attempt by her to change the subject.
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