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Kayla and Holly

Holly watched as Haru released his Munchlax. Molly moved to protect Holly, but relaxed when she saw it just wanted to shake her hand. Kayla laughed as her hand was shook. "He's really friendly.", she said. Lumina laughed and started chasing after Void. Holly sighed and ran after her. Molly went and picked Lumina up with Psychic, bringing her back to the table. Holly sat back down and yawned. Kayla giggled and looked at Lumina. "She's quite a handful.", she said. Lumina pouted, looking up at Molly. "You're no fun.", she said. Kayla laughed and patted Lumina on the head, being careful not to touch the flame on her head. She looked at Holly and remembered something. "Hey, Holly. Since you're going to be cooking today, you'll have to roll up your sleeves." Holly looked at Kayla for a second and then down at her wrists. I really don't want to have to do that. What if everybody stares at me?, she thought. Kayla thought for a moment and jumped up. If she was really going to get Holly and Haru together, she needed to make sure of something. "Hey, Haru! Holly has something to show you.", she said. Holly looked up at Kayla shocked. "What are you doing?", she asked. "If I'm going to get you two together, then I need to make sure he'll accept you for who you are.", Kayla said. "But we just met!", Holly said. "That's normally where the best relationships start!" It was probably love at first sight..., Kayla thought.
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