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    Originally Posted by Ashera View Post
    I'm sorry if this was asked/answered before, but looking through 901 pages is sort of impossible.

    The text that one character in littleroot town is supposed to say is getting spliced with another's, and if I fix it, then that one's text is replaced by the end of the first one's.
    I've had this issue before, there's really only one reliable way to solve it. Simply give them new scripts, and the problem should go away. I'm not really an expert on this, but my guess is that the text put in is larger than the old amount was, so it pours over into other data (aka the other person's text). As I said, I'm not an expert on this though.

    Anyways, I've got a question. Does anybody know where the script offset is for the first rival battle in Firered? I've actually deleted all the map scripts in Oak's Lab in my hack, but when I get the first pokemon and leave, the battle still happens.
    Back and ROM hacking again!