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    Hey, Today i will show you how to edit the Gameshark Text and Logo on the intro of Fire red/Leaf Green.

    First of all you will need these programs:
    Photoshop (Or Paint)
    Fire red rom
    Emulator (Viewing it!)

    You should already have these but just making sure :3

    Right let's get started.

    First of all open your rom in unLZ-GBA and goto 211

    You should be looking at something like this.

    Now we need to make it look normal/Editable!
    Click the '+' button until it looks like this.

    Now we have our image, click 'save as' and call it what you like then open it in photoshop or your editing program (i used CS5 Extended)

    Now we have our image loaded, We can start editing!
    I'm not sure of a palette offset yet so i just used white text, if you find the offset please comment with it.
    But i think you can only use black and white so i did this:

    Now we have out image, Save it and go back on unLZ-GBA and click 'import' and choose the image you just edited/made.

    Now once this has loaded and aslong as no error message saying 'Image not indexed' then click 'Write to rom' and check all the boxes like this

    and press ok. If a message comes up about being to big then goto Free Space finder and i'm sure you'll know how to do this. If not then leave a comment and i'll tell you.

    Carrying on, Now that it's in the game it should look like this

    and we are done with the text part of it. You don't have to have text it could be logos etc but it's upto you really. :3

    Looks okay but would be a lot better with a custom logo behind it, Right?

    Well now i'll show you how to do that.

    First load unLZ-GBA back up if you closed it and goto 212

    If your in 16colour mode and B/W it should look like this anyway so just go ahead and save it and open it up in photoshop or paint and start editing but make sure to use only the colour included because i'm not sure what the palette offset is

    Here is my newly made logo, lt's something i made a while ago for youtube and thought i may aswell use it in my rom somewhere!

    Okay so now we have our new logo we need to import it again like with the text goto unLZ-GBA and click import and find your logo and then goto write rom again and check the same boxes here.

    As long as you didn't get a message about Being to big and aborting then it should be find and in your game now, So load your rom and check!

    Here's what mine looked like in the test and in my Rom hack i'm working on at the moment

    Hopefully this worked for you and you found this tutorial useful!

    I will try and find the palette offsets for the text and logo so you can change the colours but i'm currently trying to edit the gengar and nidorino intro battle which i have almost figured out and will be posting a tutorial soon if i do figure it out

    But thanks for looking at this and hope it helped!
    New FireRed hack coming out soon!
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