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    Originally Posted by c3pu View Post
    i dont know if this as been ask before(classic we all say that) but here i go
    i want to know how to change may's sprites (back sprite, trainer card, overworld all of them) in emerald cause i dont like the green clothe she as in emerald. so i want to replace it by the red version like in ruby and the anime

    by the way as this might be related im on win 7 and tried to index sprite for ruby and red before and could not make it work at some point the pallet gets reset and it wont index
    So you want Red's Sprite Indexed?

    Here's Red Sprite 100% Indexed you'll just have to insert it... Also If your using paint to do this why not use Gimp or Photoshop that might help...

    NOTE: You can just rip those sprites from UNLZ or NSE, then just insert them to your ROM...

    Originally Posted by Ivantis View Post
    Is there any way I can edit a pokemon's icon (the mini sprite in the party window / pc) now that Wichu's editor has gone offline? or did i just join this craze too late?
    Yes, you can use IconEd, download those of google and I think some guys have some copies of the Advanced Series on the Internet search for them...

    Originally Posted by thanethane98 View Post
    I've had this issue before, there's really only one reliable way to solve it. Simply give them new scripts, and the problem should go away. I'm not really an expert on this, but my guess is that the text put in is larger than the old amount was, so it pours over into other data (aka the other person's text). As I said, I'm not an expert on this though.

    Anyways, I've got a question. Does anybody know where the script offset is for the first rival battle in Firered? I've actually deleted all the map scripts in Oak's Lab in my hack, but when I get the first pokemon and leave, the battle still happens.
    Here's the offset,

    Left Script Box - 0x1692E7/001692E7
    Middle Script Box - 0x1692F3/001692F3
    Right Script Box - 0x1692FF/001692FF

    And you might have deleted the map scripts but, have you deleted the script boxes they're the one's in Green with an "S" Delete those and it will not happen again...