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    Originally Posted by Algo Fonix View Post

    I dunno why but I wear my hair like that when I go to bed. Seems to make it more managable in the mornings? I dunno. Also you can't see it in that picture but my pajama pants are from the 1970s... or 80s. Possibly 90s. Jury's out on that one.

    Looking good Algo I'm also looking to grow my hair as well

    Well today was pretty exciting. When helping my mum in cleaning the house I stumbeled on these 5 picture of me when I was young. Umm idk how old I was but I'm guessing 2-3 yrs old. Enjoy the lolz

    This is me just chillin like a bosss baby

    I never used to like shirts, even till this day

    I love this one cos it reminds me of the hair I used to have

    This one is my mum's fav she told me how she styled my hair I literally laughed

    And this is my dad's favourite, Irresponsible parenting lmao