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Vincent Phoenix

”Pixie, huh...?” He smiled a little as the Vulpix sniffed his hand before rubbing her head against it, causing him to let his fingers trail down along the side of her neck and up her side and back, all the while his fingers worked away at scratching the little Pokémon’s fur. He let out a little snicker as it curled up next to him, his hand continuing to scratch and rub over her soft, short fur.

He looked up again, raising his brows a little as she listened to Victoria explain about Vulpix, nodding his head slowly, with a curious look in his eyes. “Huh… I didn’t know that, actually. And I’ve had a Vulpix myself. Heh, kind of embarrassing, huh?” He gave off a small smile. He actually –did- know that, but he had honestly forgotten it up to this point, so at least it –felt- like new information. But to be entirely honest, he mainly said it to not make Victoria feel awkward about saying something, and him saying that he already knew, like a jackass.

He looked down to Pixie again, his hand slipping up to nuzzle his fingers against the fur behind her ears. “Flare loves it when I scratch her behind the ears. It’s funny that they act more like a cat, like a Meowth, than a dog like… Growlithe, for example.”

He looked up out over the sea, the sun starting to rise further up along the sky. It was a very pretty view, but Vincent didn’t seem phased by it, almost as if he couldn’t see it at all. He lifted his right hand to scratch his hair slightly, moving the front tips of his hair back into their slightly spiky appearance.

As Victoria asked into where he was from, he turned his head back to look at her, to find that she was looking directly back. He didn’t know why, but he suddenly wanted to just look away again, but forced himself to keep looking her in the eyes, though without staring like a madman.

“I’m from Goldenrod, in Johto. Yeah, I’m from the big city, but it’s… a long while since I’ve been there. I went out on my travels relatively early, I suppose. I just wanted to get out there and improve myself and my friends, you know?” He nodded slightly at the last statement, almost as if to convince himself that that’s all that it was. He paused a moment before clearing his throat, smiling lightly as he looked back at her again.

“What about you, Victoria? Where are you from?”
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