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Originally Posted by DiamondBlueMoon View Post
It's gonna be another Ruby Destiny :D
Well, first of all, I really recommend that you should have talking mugshot like this:

Secondly, how about an item that helps the Genies to evolve? like the mirror It would be awesome.
Thirdly, more in game trade like Keldeo -> Resolution form and vice versa (don't give the flag)
And more how about some pokemon NPC that have relationship with 1st rom like Grimsley is Yugi's bro, or Red is Ash's master, and why couldn't Misty appear, when brock has reveal And double battle gym: Green and Gary wow, many things to say more, but i need you to confirm first about this
Then that means we have to replace Pokemon Sprites, I think DRG won't agree with that... Since replacing sprites meaning lesser Pokemon...