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★ Blazing Glaciers: Black & White Kyurem Fanclub ★

Hello all, I'm MidnightShine & welcome to the ★ Blazing Glaciers: Black & White Kyurem Fanclub ★. This is a club dedicated to Black & White Kyurem, my two fav Pokemon since the announcement of B2W2. If you're a fan of Black & White Kyurem, join now!

1. All PC Global & Club rules apply.
2. Try to keep the S.P.A.M's down, please.
3. Pick your 'Mon carefully. Non-changeable after registration.
4. Nick your 'Mon if you want to too.
5: Please keep active, if you are to be inactive for a time, please inform us your absence.\
6. Please reply to the current topic when joining to fulfill clubbing requirements.
7. Please memorize your own club points accumulated.
8. Have lots of fun!

Current Topic:
Whose stats do you think is better? Black or White Kyurem?

Sign Up:
Partner Pokemon:
Reason for joining:
Answer to current topic:
Extra contribution(s):


Shiny's can also be requested.

~Daniel Evans

Points System:
-Joining (2P)
- Suggesting new club topics (1P)
- Special contributions (3P)
- Active posting (3P)
- Winning any special event (4P)
- Monthly Club Anniversary (5P for all members)

- 50P: Claim the other Kyurem you didn't claim.
- 100P: VIP member (Special secret benefits).
- 150P: Organize you own mini event here.
- 200P: Get a Black Kyurem/White Kyurem plushie

Support Bars: