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Originally Posted by Musketeer View Post
Sorry if I came across rudely.

For my first question, I didn't mean that people should use the format used by Essentials - I meant that instead of this (stealing a random post here):
Preferred In-Game Name: Daniel
Trainer Type: PKMN Trainer
Pokémon #1: Weavile
Pokémon #2: Staraptor
Pokémon #3: Rhyperior
Pokémon #4: Salamence
Pokemon #5: Espeon
Pokémon #6: Blastoise
People could write this:
Preferred In-Game Name: Daniel
Trainer Type: PKMN Trainer
Pokémon #1: Weavile @ Razor Claw - Ice Punch/Shadow Claw/Brick Break/Swords Dance
Pokémon #2: Staraptor @ Muscle Band - Brave Bird/Double-Edge/Close Combat/Quick Attack
Pokémon #3: Rhyperior (Solid Rock) @ Hard Stone - Rock Wrecker/Earthquake/Megahorn/Stone Edge
Pokémon #4: Salamence @ Life Orb - Draco Meteor/Outrage/Fire Blast/Aerial Ace
Pokemon #5: Espeon @ TwistedSpoon - Psychic/Shadow Ball/Quick Attack/Calm Mind
Pokémon #6: Blastoise @ Leftovers - Surf/Ice Beam/Skull Bash/Waterfall
Otherwise (assuming level 100), Daniel's Pokémon would have the following movesets:
Weavile - Night Slash/Fling/Metal Claw/Dark Pulse (Fling is useless here)
Staraptor - Take Down/Close Combat/Agility/Brave Bird
Rhyperior - OK, fair enough, this would actually have the same set I wrote above
Salamence - Fly/Crunch/Dragon Claw/Double-Edge
Espeon - Last Resort/Psych Up/Psychic/Morning Sun
Blastoise - Aqua Tail/Skull Bash/Rain Dance/Hydro Pump
It's even worse for some people: Hikari10's Roserade will know Poison Sting/Mega Drain/Magical Leaf/Sweet Scent. Not exactly top trainer-worthy moves.
Obviously specifying movesets would be optional - most Pokémon get on reasonably well with their defaults. Are you accepting MidnightShine's request to give two of his Pokémon Dragon Pulse? If so, why not allow that kind of thing for everyone?
It really doesn't take long to define all this in Essentials. Maybe a minute max per Pokémon.

Thanks for explaining why you're banning all legendaries. Although I disagree (after all, the games/anime never explain where Palmer got his Cresselia, or Tobias his Darkrai), I can see why you're doing it. Thanks.

Good luck with the game
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