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    JB, I added your name to the credits. You really helped me a lot, it usually takes me a while to edit an existing sprite. Again, thank you for that!
    As for your cousins idea, it could be made into another game, but for this one, I'm just trying to make a game based on rock & metal, by cramming a lot of references (Obvious and not-so-obvious ones) into the game, with awesome soundtrack playing while battling the gym leaders.

    Originally Posted by I'mCatman View Post
    Epic references, epic references everywhere!
    Well of course, how could I make a Metal-based game without referencing that xD

    I was thinking of creating songs in the styles of all the musicians I'm referencing, and putting them as battle soundtracks. So far, I have several instrumentals in the style of Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Vivian Campbell (Original guitarist of Dio who played his most popular songs) & others, but my equipment is so bad that I can't record them just yet xD I'll probably get a new guitar in the near future, making it possible for me to do it... I was just wondering if you guys think this is a good idea or not?