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Originally Posted by AWsquared View Post
diab_low your baby pictures are pretty cute! The last one's definitely the best.

If anyone was ever curious how I looked with long hair here you go:

Old pictures.
These are from about 2 years when I got my senior pictures taken. There previews of the proofs we got for free. Couldn't afford proof so there's watermarks on them and such.




I don't have any new photos, just trying to be relevant.
I will post them when I get some though.

Wow u look pretty cool nice pics

Originally Posted by Requility View Post
I was showing Simm my hair with the sun on it earlier today and I decided "why not show PC?!" (this was not what I showed IRC earlier). The usual rules of ignore the pimples apply.

Awww I wish I had a hair colour like that.