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Originally Posted by Lapras* View Post
/back. hey guys, can I have clauses for Mantyke please?
1.Mantyke is allergic to man-made healing items such as potions so you cannot use them. In the event that a man-made healing item is used, you must capture a grass-type pokemon and keep it in your party until mantyke levels up 10 times in order for it to be 'healed' of its allergic reaction. If this occurs 3 times mantyke will develop a resistance to its allergy and this clause will be broken.
2. Also, Mantyke is an extremely selfless pokemon. For every berry you use on it, it gives away whatever is in the 3rd slot in your item section in your backpack

I'd like to join :D I'll use my platinum game for a solo run. I can't hack but ive almost completed the pokedex on my soulsilver so i can trade over from that if necessary. ^.^
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