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    Originally Posted by bookworm29 View Post
    Sorry if I'm in the wrong place for this, but I Googled and Googled and nothing answered my question! My internal batteries ran dry on Ruby and Sapphire. My boyfriend soldered new ones (with tabs) to the boards for me and the message went away. The games still work, saved files and all. The clock runs when the game is off, I've downloaded the Berry Patch from FireRed (in fact, Ruby said it didn't need it), and my berries still won't grow! They grew well past 100 hours of play before the batteries died, but now they just stay as little lumps in the ground. Any ideas?
    You should know that when you use the Berry Patch, you are patching the savegame and not the game (because a ROM cannot be patched), which means that if you have restarted your game after patching "it", you'll have to patch it again to make the berries grow.
    Anyway, there was no need to change the battery when it ran dry, just the patch.

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