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    Originally Posted by SneakerTheOtter View Post
    Compare the two legs. On the left, we have a leg with a sharp corner at the knee, and on the right, we have a nicer looking, more rounded knee. On the left again, the leg is a lot thinner than on the right, and the thigh and, uh, lower leg (technical term please) are the same width. In real life, or on any official sprite at least, the thigh is wider. Last thing, her feet are at really awkward angles to her ankles.

    Also, on this whole thing of using other people's sprites, wouldn't it be better to use your own sprites or sprites that people have made specifically for this thread? Anyone can Google lots of sprites and place them in a single post, anyone with a little perseverance can get permission from all of the original creators first. But it takes patience, effort, and a bit of skill to make the sprites yourself. Sorry if this comes across the wrong way, I'm terrible with words and I know that you did in fact create quite a few, but I'm getting the feeling that a good proportion of this resource was straight from Google Images and doesn't really have as much contribution on your part than it should do...
    Nope the only sprite i didnt make was the cheerleaders and ark silvanos made and gave permission i was on google finding a riley sprite because i had trouble with re-sizing him a ton if hacks included him and he not on here cuz i couldnt contact him i give credit to people that contribute (this is also meant to be a gallery)
    my Photobucket
    Update I just realized I have made 83/84 of the sprites if you can please contribute this is looking like just a resource and not a collection
    Edit:now 98/99
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