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Vincent Phoenix

As Victoria told her story, Vincent continued stroking and scratching the small Pokémon nuzzled up against him as he kept his gaze on the girl, taking in both the story and her looks. He also noticed how she fiddled with the goggles, reminding him of a possession of his own that… well, he had forgotten everything about up until now. He reached his right hand up to scratch at his neck, or at least feigning to do so. His heart sunk considerably as he noticed the object wasn’t where he had hoped it was and he lowered his hand again, without letting Victoria know his mind had been elsewhere for a second or two.

He smiled a little as she mentioned his father having given her the goggles, though not sure where Mistralton was exactly. He blinked a little as she seemed to become a little thoughtful and perhaps… a little sad? He didn’t want to butt in and ruin the mood, though. “Pfft. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Just because I’m not you doesn’t mean I don’t mind a good story, you know?”

He sighed softly, lifting his right hand to rub the side of his neck a little, turning his head to glance down at the fire. “I wish I had lived my younger years out in the country instead of in the city. It could get pretty rough in there… not to mention the fact that mom and dad were hardly ever around.” He paused for a moment before shaking his head a little. “My dad was a scientist and he spent majority of the time on his studies at the lab, and my mom worked at a Milktank ranch just outside the city. Meant I was pretty much the man in the house and had to… well, learn on the go, so to speak.”

He smiled a smile that seemed somewhat melancholy and shook his head, looking down at the Vulpix again, without really looking at it. “… I guess it’s why I just… do stuff, instead of waiting around for other people to do it. I’ve never really had time to stop up and… enjoy myself. And even when I try taking some time to relax with my two friends… I of course get shipwrecked, on an island where we may very well be for weeks, months… or years.”

Grunting a little, she shook his head somewhat and removed his hand from the Vulpix, resting it in his lap while staring into the fire, going thoughtfully quiet, his hand reaching up towards his neck before lowering again, as if remembering something.
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