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    The mood had definitely taken on a more somber tone, a silence that didn’t need describing permeated the air. Vincent’s tone had turned serious, thoughtful and a little sad or distant. At least, that’s how it read to Victoria. Her gaze was still locked onto the boy, his line of sight averted to the fire. Unsure exactly what to say, Victoria bit the corner of her bottom lip in thought. She hated to see other people sad, her father had shown enough sadness for a lifetime.

    The idea of a young Vincent, practically raising himself, it caused a lump in her throat. Pulling her legs close to her chest and throwing her arms around them at the knees, she tried desperately to think of something to say. His hand had moved up to his neck twice in their conversation, only to fall back to its original resting place empty handed. It seemed as if he was grabbing for something subconsciously that wasn’t there anymore.

    “I-I’m sorry to hear that,” Was all she managed to say right away. “This is my first vacation in a long time too. I guess you could say it hasn’t gone exactly like I’ve imagined also,” She joked halfheartedly. “It’s kind of funny when you think about it, you grew up in a city, myself in a more rural area. I would have killed, like anyone who grew up in Unova, to live in Castelia city. You grew up in the city, and wished you had been in the country. Maybe life just sucks and Arceus gets a big belly laugh from all this,” She said, casting an arm out in gesture over the area.

    “My mom died, about three years ago. So, any plans that I had originally, I kind of scrapped and moved back in with my father. That's why I've been living there.” Victoria pinched the inside of her left leg discretely, a small way to make sure she didn’t begin to tear up. “So, I guess it wasn’t really a long story after all,” She said with a fake chuckle.

    “Even if we are stuck here awhile, I figure we should try and make the best of things. I hope the company isn’t too bad for you,” she turned to him, forcing herself to make a smile.

    Pixie remained perfectly content, relishing the personal attention she was receiving. Even though Vincent had stopped petting her, she had fallen asleep, a small snore escaped her as she slumbered up against him.
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