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    Spearow/Fearow or Pidgey/Pideotto/Pidgeot? Why?
    I've gotta be honest, I'm more of a Fearow person...Now hear me out, when I first started playing way back in the days of Red and Blue in 1998 I was wholly a Pidgey kinda guy. Never even touched a Spearow except to trade it to that guy in Vermillion City for Farfetch'd's pokedex data. However, as the years have gone by...I've sort of switched over into the other camp. As far as the beginner birds go, Fearow is a beast! It's super fast and has awesome Pidgeot NEVER gets a move that Fearow can't learn as powerful as Drill Peck. Sorry, but points go to Fearow. Love ya Pidgey....just not as much

    Which Generation has the best Flying-Types?
    Once again, I'm gonna be the odd man out here and say Gen V...I'm sorry, but there are some cool flying types in Gen V. When I first saw the pokemon designs for 5th gen, I had the sane typical reaction as the majority of pokemon fans (they have since grown on me, however). But, I never once doubted or scorned the designs of any of the flying types. Woobat is unbelievably adorable, Braivary is awesome, Swanna's so elegant, and Archeops is my new favorite pokemon of all time! (I'm a dinosaur In second place, though, I do have to give my respect to Gen 1...the birds in that game are so iconic and synonymous with the franchise as a whole.
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