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    "Crap!" ryan yelled, as he flew over the ocean in the direction of sinnoh. he watched in panic as he realized that his sister was no longer riding on his back. ryan was in his morphed form, flat black charizard wings were protruding from his back, keeping him aloft. his black charizard tail was streaming out behind him, his blue tail flame blazing bright in panic. his skin was tinted a dark grey almost black color. he had two spines jutting from his head and red eys.

    (when i use <>that is his pokespirit talking to him telepathically) "What do you think you idiot! lisa isnt riding on my back anymore!", Ryan circled the sky desperately searching for his sister.

    Ryan narrowed his eyes, and said in a low seething voice, "not the time, casper" . "Casper really gets on my nerve sometimes" he muttered to himself. finally after about an hour of searching he gave up and continued to sinnoh resignedly. after many hours of flying and an near collision with a wingull pokespirit, ryan finally arrived in sinnoh. he rested on the cost for a while the whole time Casper was silent, which was unusual for him.

    "Casper?" Ryan asked. hmm.. i wonder why Casper isn't responding. he usually takes any chance he can to talk. Ryan thought to himself. "well, Lisa wanted to head for Jubilife city, so if she made it she will be there" Ryan said for Caspers benefit. Without another word Ryan morphed and and took flight in the direction of Jubilife city. This was something he was going to come to regret in the future.

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