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Vincent Phoenix

For a while, they both sat quiet and contemplating, simply thinking a little to themselves. Vincent was half enjoying the silence, and half hating himself for having made the conversation come to a halt. He lifted his head a little as Victoria began speaking again, though not glancing towards her just yet, still staring into the smoldering flames of the fire. “Yeah… heh, maybe life just sucks. But… you know. You play with the hand you’re dealt with, as my mom used to say.”

At that moment, Victoria admitted that her mother had died three years ago. This caused Vincent to turn his head, blinking a little. He frowned deeply and sympathetically as he nodded softly, even as she jokingly tried to brush off the subject. He reached out with his left hand to stroke it lightly against her back in a sort of comforting gesture. “I’m sorry to hear.”

He then took a deep breath and nodded lightly, stretching out before leaning back onto his hands now placed in the sand behind him, though still looking up at Victoria, returning the light smile she sent his way. “Honestly? I think you’re the only person on this island I can stand being around. Even if I’ve only ever met you and three other people so far.” He paused a little, realizing it may have sounded a little rude, which made him shake his head somewhat.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to say it like that. You’re great company, Victoria.” He said, smiling as he nodded firmly to her, his smile having gained a bit more warmth to it. “And we’ll work things out. I could easily think of worse people to be trapped on an island with. Which reminds me, we need to find some clear water soon… hopefully a lake or something along those lines in the jungle.” He wrinkled his nose a little, turning to look over his shoulder at the jungle.
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