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1) Aisu
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1) Don't know...
2) Don't know...
3) Garydose LOLOLOLOL Gary Oak? XDDDD Just kidding; just another awesome PC member I've been chatting with again. :)
4) Seen around.
5) Seen around.
6) I think I've seen around a few times.
7) A really cool staff member who I fail to talk to on a regular basis. ;( (I'm going to change that, though!)
8) Have never really talked to. I complemented him on an avatar once and the other VMs I've gotten were just him letting me know when claims were updated or when he restored one of my deleted posts. XD
9) Have recently started talking to her and we have some awesome conversations! :D
10) He is obsessed with me old pictures of me being a huge dork and posts them on my visitor messages! >:T XD

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