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Okay everyone, this Friday is the big day! I have to be honest though, not everything will be 100% done. So far it's looking like all 8 Gyms and a full story, but no miscellaneous houses/sidequests, and some dungeons are missing, due to time constraints.

One day, I plan to make every house have a door and people in it. However, today is not that day. I hope you can all be patient and enjoy what I've made thus far.

So, again, current status is:
8 Gyms
Complete story
No random houses (technically, the first three towns have them but after that there's none)
No corrupted music (a first for an Emerald hack)

Also, starters come at level 15 so expect higher levels throughout the game. Hope you're all excited :D

Future plans:
Every house enter-able
Music repointing for certain Trainers (to better convey the mood)

The rest are secret.
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