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    Originally Posted by SK3
    Noticed our hacks have sort-of similar plot motifs, the focus on dreams, which I like
    From your screenshots I can tell that this is a hack of quality. Plus all the features you've added really put this hack in a good light. I look forward to playing this when this is released!
    Thanks for the compliments. I noticed that our stories have similarities, too.

    Originally Posted by Pinkish Purple
    I think it is because of the name. Grab a cooler name to arouse more curiosity, think like how the players think. Just a suggestion, change the name ASAP.
    I'm not so sure about that. Lots of hacks have colors for names.
    Regardless, I will still probably change the name since I'm not very thrilled about "Jasper". Probably not ASAP, though, I have really been focusing on more important things for this hack.

    Originally Posted by gam3r!
    I don't think it's the name.It's got to be that members who are around rom hacking section are intrested for the moment in other hacks like dark rising ,Sky line ash gray and so on.Many of the progressing hacks have great potential ( including this of course ) Keep trying and your effort will pay off sometime later don't worry
    I would agree. Members are more focused on hacks that have betas they can play.

    Originally Posted by Grif of Hearts
    This is quite a good looking hack. I don't often hang around the hacking section on this forum, but this happens to have caught my interest. I'll be sure to drop in every so often to see how things are going.

    If you're thinking of putting in some Gen4/5 Pokemon I would thoroughly suggest adding the Musharna line or the Hypno line. After all, what better Pokemon to have in a story involving dreams than ones known for their dream-related powers?
    Both suggestions are already in the plans


    I added a beta progress section to the bottom of the OP. If you look at it, you'll notice that scripting has barely started. That will change in the next few days when scripting finally gets going.

    Expect an update pretty soon.