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Hailey and Arcea - Children's City
Hailey seemed disappointed with Dominick and Tim's reaction. She raised both her eyebrows and shrugged lightly, turning away and showing the others her back. Meanwhile, Arcea crossed her arms, watching silently. It took Hailey a moment, but she turned her head and flashed the others an unimpressed look, seemingly having just judged them for perceived weaknesses.

Hailey: "...Well alright. We don't need to free that city. But if you think you can free it without killing a bunch of kids in the process you're crazy."

She spoke in a matter-o-fact tone.

Hailey: "...Nicholas sure didn't."

All of the ominous implications. Due to the y'know... lack of survivors, first hand accounts of Nicholas' slaughter was actually rather rare. She was implying that Children's City was built on the sacrifice of kids and adults alike. Without hesitating, she continued.

Hailey: "I'd know. What do you think was the adult's first reaction to a mad pokespirit wielder slaughtering them? They threw all the wielders they could muster at him..! Some of them still lay buried under the overturned asphalt Nicholas used to crush them. "

She seemed to be implying she had been there and witnessed things personally. If what Hailey said was true, how did a first hand source survive to tell the tail? It would be extremely lucky, to say the least. If anyone looked at Arcea, she was giving Hailey a rather disbelieving look. She didn't appear to know what her 'friend' was on about. One might be able to help but wonder what Nicholas himself might've had to say had he been there.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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