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(OOC, sorry for posting again, but since i wont be interacting with any other RPers during this post, i thought it would be OK)

<whats that?>Casper asked Ryan casually as they flew over the sinnoh region about half a mile up. "oh, what? now your going to talk to me?"

<No, really, look over there!> Casper materialized next to Ryan and pointed to their right as they both hovered in the air, their wings beating to keep them aloft.

"What the f***?" Now i've seen it all Ryan thought to himself. There was an adult male screaming in terror as he fell from the sky about half a mile above them. Ryan flew over and caught him, and they both plummeted towards the ground, but at the last second Ryan managed to flap his wings enough to bring them up to a comfortable hight. Ryan held the guy out at arms length, and the guy was blubbering and crying.

"This may be a weird question, but, um... exactly why were you falling out of the sky?" Ryan asked incredulously. <Maybe he was jealous of all us flying pokespirits and decided to give flying a try?> Casper asked Ryan as he materialized next to him again. Ryan just rolled his eys and sighed, choosing to ignore casper for now. Ryan tried shaking the guy, and yelling at him, but nothing would break him out of his catatonic state.

"hmm..." This guy looks like he is well fed, he reminds me of some of the Caravan attendants back in Johto. "Well, lets search this guy, shall we?" <sounds good to me> Casper agreed. Ryan proceeded to search the guy and found a pouch full of Cheri and Rawst berries, along with two homebrew grenades. He took them from the guy, who continued to blubber like an idiot, and let go of him to fall to the ground. The guy then chose this time to resume screaming as he fell to the ground and landed with a splat.

<anyone up for pancakes?> Casper asked in his usual joking manner. "Let's see..... These grenades are crap, he obviously doesn't know the first thing about explosives, though the gunpowder could be useful" Ryan then took the gunpowder from the grenades and filled the berry pouch with it after eating the berries.

<We heading for Jubilife now?> Casper asked Ryan. "yes, we are". Ryan and Casper continued to fly the short distance to jubilife, and landed in the center of the town.<Um... Those adults dont look so friendly> Casper observed.

"Great" Ryan muttered as the group of adults surrounded him. <Lets try to get out of here alive shall we? i didnt wait a long time to get a spirit wielder host just so he could die on me the first chance he gets> Casper joked. "Planning on it" Ryan said as he began readying his Blast Burn.

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