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Okay, first of all, I would like to say that I really love most of the features in your game! Kanto's past is great, and I'd really love to battle professor... uhm... Samuel Oak, in his late teen years, nonetheless! I just wonder if he was confused about his sexuality at that time... A boy or a girl? Hmmm..... xD

Second, I, myself am not a big fan of too much sci-fi, like, mad technology that alters the past. But I suppose there is a reason for the death of the protagonist.

Third, as I said in a PM, you're really a great artist. I love the sprites of the new Pokemon! Just, is there a reason to why the fire dragon has a fin on the end of his tail?
I can't wait to see the 7 evolutions of Growlithe! I love all dog-like Pokemon, and these'll probably be awesome!

And finally, a remark: Although you didn't show a lot in your maps, what you did show seems.... kind of bland. Too much green. Also, a street light in the middle of the grass (In the first town)? Aren't they usually a bit closer to the street? In the HAT cultist map, most of the area is plain grass, and there's a fence over some flowers.

All in all, this game has a lot potential. And I mean a lot! I think you just need a little bit more work with the maps.

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