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Ugh hell.

Why did I sign up for this.

I hate sweat. I actually can't stand it, and not just uncomfortable. It hurts. Literally.

I also hate the turf. It also hurts.

I know I should suck it up, but would you "suck it up" if I was ripping your skin off? This is unnecessary torture.

I acted like a little ***** last year because none of you can understand my pain. It may seem like I am being a little cloyster, but it's true. If I just can't suck it up, it's because it hurts. I will put up with carrying that hunk of **** for a day but I will never deal with that turf voluntarily. Every day I dread coming to morning block because it is just pure pain. I can play soccer, football, anything if I'm forced to but if I'm acting like a little ***** on the field on a hot summer day just know that you've brought this upon yourself.

Sincerely, the unconscious


*sigh* Okay, I signed up for this. But if I'm acting like a brat just know it's because I literally can't take the heat anymore. I could be dressed in four layers, I could be naked, but once I hit my limit you will have to put up with my whining.

Sincerely, the conscious
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