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    I don't mean to rain on your parade, but here's my two cents for your maps.

    Alright, I know someone else said this before, but your maps are quite bland. In the third screenshot, I don't understand why there are two sinks. Plus, the door in the wall looks kinda odd.

    The map with the fence around the grass, but has flowers growing underneath it, looks strange.

    "Trash Pokémon" screenshot has one too many soda machines, IMO. It'd look better with only two. Just my opinion.

    Map with the "Adoption Agency" has a bench that was originally included in the default tilesets that came with RMXP. Don't know what it's doing in a Pokémon tileset, but it looks so out of place.

    Second to last map's cavern looks freaky, like it was glitched up or something.

    However, I like your story, and the "Hidden Villages" idea is pretty neat. I especially love the way you thought up the whole Kanghaskan evolution theory. It makes sense, and why Game Freak didn't choose to do something like that is beyond me.

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