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    Damion was a little put off by the way the guy just blew him off and didn't acknowledge what he had said. As he continued on to the hut, he gently set his bag down in the shade. He reached in his bag and pulled out an older looking hairbrush that had definitely seen some use. A quick wring out of his hair he ran the brush through it a couple times. As he mindlessly brushed his hair he looked at the two girls who were still contently sleeping in the hut. The one he had rescued the previous night was cuddling with her Cyndaquil and the other was sleeping just as peacefully. He smiled softly at the sight of them sleeping there.

    After a few more strokes of the brush and his hair, both more dry and straightened, he looked out on the beach. The pile of Magikarp and Remoraid was getting bigger every minute. He smiled at the sight of his Pokémon working together to help him. Looking to his left he saw a person that was still a ways off, but getting closer ever so slowly. To his right, he saw the girl from the night before, the one who had tried to attack him after rescuing the girl. It seemed that she had made a fire pit and had already got it going.

    "One less thing I have to do I guess.." he smirked to himself. He also saw the guy who it seemed just walked right towards her. "Hmmph." Damion shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. "Can't imagine what's on his mind. Goes right for the first awake girl, before anything else.... children."

    He put the stupidity of the situation out of his mind. Instead he turned his attention to the sunrise taking place, the gentle breeze blowing. He paused for a moment to take it all in, finally getting some of the relaxation he had originally set out for. After a few minutes of enjoying himself, he started walking towards the fire pit area, the faint crackling of a fire adding to the soothing scenery.

    As he got closer he caught the tail end of a conversation. (Right as Vincent said he could stand her only out of the people so far.)

    "Wow, REEEAAL nice guy there. That and laying it on a little thick if I do say so myself." Damion muttered to himself while walking towards them. As he walked he felt the soft sand beneath his feet, becoming even more relaxing and countering the frustration he felt with the boy.

    "Hey there you two, don't mean to break up the love connection over here," he said jokingly, "but I could use a hand bringing the fish over to start cooking. I'm sure we have enough for everyone." Seeing the girl brushing her hair with her hands, he reached into his back pocket, grabbed his brush and extended it to the girl handle first. "Here, this will probably do more good than your hands will." He said smiling at the girl.
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