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Grass: Bayleef | Cool design and I really liked it in the anime, it was really just dependable and I loved watching it battle as a kid
Fire: Charizard | The OG of Pokemon, my original favorite when I was a kid.
Water: Wooper | It's cute, but I like a lot of water types.
Flying: Staraptor | Best regional bird, sick that it can learn Close Combat.
Normal: Munchlax | Just like its design, it's really rare too.
Fighting: Hitmontop | It's cool, there are a lot of cool fighters though.
Psychic: Latios | Cool design, but there are a lot of good Psychic types.
Dragon: Garchomp | It owns, best dragon.
Ground: Torterra | One of the coolest starter evos.
Ice: Walrein | Cool design
Bug: Scizor | Really cool design, easily the best bug type .-.
Steel: Forretress / Heatran | Can't decide but they both own lol.
Rock: Shuckle | Neat design, should get an evo ^^
Electric: Ampharos | I love its design, simplistic and cool.
Poison: Roserade | Great design
Dark: Tyranitar | Swagger.
Ghost: Banette | I hope it gets an evo since it's so cool :)