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Vincent Phoenix

Vincent quirked a brow somewhat at the sudden change in Victoria’s mood. She suddenly went oddly quiet, only muttering out a small reply, and the more Vincent watched her, the more she seemed to turn inwards and not wanting to say anything. Just as he was about to say something, she mentioned her bird, Archie, and released him, which flew around before landing on her head. Vincent nodded a little, still not wanting to leave her annoyed or angry at something he might’ve said. “That sounds like a good idea, but I-“

Just as he was about to explain himself, once more, the other boy came walking over, talking about breaking up “The love connection”. It made Vincent really annoyed, that a guy would act like such a jerk, without even knowing them. He didn’t say anything, and instead just glanced over to the small pile of fish the two Pokémon had fished out of the sea.

He nodded lightly and set upright again, stretching slightly out. “Alright, I’ll come give a hand. He slowly stood up, sending a slightly worried glance down at Victoria, without letting the other two see it, his lips pressing slightly together as the boy seemed to just pull a brush right out of nowhere and hand it to her. He decided not to get annoyed, since it was just a friendly gesture… and to be fair, they lacked that as things were right now.

He cleared his throat a little before looking down at Victoria. “Alright, I’ll go help pull the fish up here, and we can start cooking them. Once they’re over the fire, how about we go have a look at that thing Archie found yesterday, Victoria?” He offered her a smile in case she looked up at him, as a sort of “Cheer up” manner, though feeling really awkward. He never had been good with being social, majority of people he talked to annoyed him in one way or another. Despite that, he didn’t have that with Victoria, but he still felt really awkward trying to befriend her, and he wasn’t going to just give up just because he may have made a mistake.
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