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    Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post

    I was going to announce this tommorrow when I wake up, but I decided to do it Now. Me & Tajaros have come to a decision to place the 2nd Region in an entirely New Rom. This decision changes Alot of things:

    -This decision now allows me to freely use alot more space in the rom the game is currently being played on without worry. Thus meaning more events and bigger areas.
    -This solves the problem of Levels in the game. You know, the "My pokemon are at level 50s and I'm only at the 4th gym! By the time I reach the 7th gym, they're gonna be in the 80s!" thought some of you may have.
    -Arceus will Not be obtainable in the 1st region you're playing in now.
    -The 2nd region will now have brand new tiles not seen in the 1st. From grass, to rocky terrian, everything will look different.
    - The 2nd region, now being in a different rom, will allow me to add More New Pokemon to the game that didn't make the first cut. Some of these I've already decided are Hoothoot/Noctowl, Levanny and it's pre-evolve forms, Lilligant and it's pre-evolve form, Bidoof and it's evolve form, Pidove and it's evolve forms, Durant, etc.
    -The new rom for the 2nd region will now have the JPAN Engine. Thus meaning more OWs for the game.
    -Both the 1st region and 2nd region will be Equally as Big. As both will be using every map in the entire FR rom now.
    -With this decision, you've technically played 50% of the first rom. Meaning once Beta 2 is released, it'll be the complete 1st rom of the Pokemon Dark Rising series.
    -SPOILER ALERT(Don't read on unless you're curious) some of you may wonder "how can it start off Exactly after the first region if we're playing on a different rom now?" I've come up with the idea of; When you and the rest of your friends arrive in the OMNI Region, the Professor there(who will be a female) has gotten word of your arrival from Prof.Ivan. Prof.Ivan kindly sends her your Dragon Pokemon you started off with to be picked up at her Lab. The dragon Pokemon is the only pokemon you asked Prof.Ivan to transfer to the Omni Region from the Core Region. It will be either Dragonite, Salamence, or Garchomp at Lv30(This also means you can change up your dragon if you weren't satisfied with your choice in the 1st region. Or, if you just wanna try something new.) Don't worry, Prof.Mercury(Her name) won't know which one you had in the 1st region obviously & ask you "Which one was yours again?"
    -You can only travel to your Hometown of Fells in the 2nd rom but Not the rest of the Core Region from the 1st rom. The 2nd rom will be 98% Omni Region Only.

    Well, that's about it. Tajaros has already started working on the 2nd rom while I'm working on the second half of the 1st rom. We're making Progress People! Also, if you have any suggestions or favorites you'd like to see in the 2nd region that didn't make the cut for the 1st, NOW's your chance to mention them as I'm gonna need ALOT of new pokemon for the 2nd region.


    I wouldn't worry too much about that guy next to Shadow Lugia. Seeing as you're gonna lose against him. ^.^
    My salemance is lv 80 and all the rest of my pokemon are lv 70 ....