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Originally Posted by Musketeer View Post
Alright, I know someone else said this before, but your maps are quite bland. In the third screenshot, I don't understand why there are two sinks. Plus, the door in the wall looks kinda odd. . .
Thank you for your post, and your input, I know the maps aren't really "up to par" but they are a starting point, its almost impossible to make a good map from scratch xDD but everything you said was right, and I'll take a closer look into the detail of everything in and on my maps, and thank you for the compliment on my story and pokemon evolution~ It makes this whole game worth it ^ ^

Originally Posted by LightningAlex View Post
Oh, now that I've mentioned Vaporeon, I remembered to ask you, since you're adding custom Pokemon, do you plan to create an eeveelution for every type? That'd be awesome, and you could do it easily with your drawing skills.
Unfortunately, I do not plan on adding anymore eevee evolutions at the moment, since this game is in the past, and its already a stretch to explain why fearow and growlithe have evolutionary quailities now, but not later. Furthermore, if I were to give eevee me evolutions, I would HAVE to give the others more evolutions, otherwise it would have an unfair advantage.
As for the pictures, I'm working hard to make an update c:
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