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    Lauren Linda Noir
    Mercury City

    Lauren woke up and found herself lying on a bed. She was confused, and couldn't remember how she got there. She looked around the room. It couldn't have been anywhere dangerous, like a cell, given that it was well furnished. She figured it must have been some kind of hotel or something. She yawned and stretched her arms, then looked at the two Pokéballs on the bedside table. They both appeared to contain a Pokémon each. One was undoubtedly Curt, her Charmander, but what about the other one? As she started thinking, she remembered how she got there, where she was, and what had happened the night before.

    The night before...

    The Pokéball that had hit the wild Mudkip shook around a few times until it stopped and a click was heard. Laurie slowly walked over to it and picked it up. Wow... she thought, the first Pokémon I caught...I never thought it would be like this... The felt some pain coming from her legs, and she was feeling very tired. She placed the Pokéball back on her belt and looked around to see Mercury City in the distance. Once it was in her sight, she sprinted towards it, hurting her legs even more.

    Once she arrived, she tried asking people for directions on where to find the Pokémon Center. Although she looked like a mess and her knee was slightly bleeding, no one stopped to pay attention to her. Annoyed, she decided to find out for herself. Luckily after walking some blocks, there were signs that led her there, and she was able to find her way quite easily.

    When the doors to the red-roofed building opened and the honey-haired girl walked in, one of the nurses greeted her. "Hello, young lady, welcome to the Mercury City Pokémon Center. How may I help you?"

    "I need to get my Pokémon healed...and some rest for myself." she replied.

    She was feeling like collapsing right there in the middle of the lobby. But she couldn't do that, because it would be Arceus-damn uncomfortable, and for that she might as well have camped at Route 1. Anyway, back to the story, she handed her Pokémon to the Nurse, who led her to a counter. She placed her Pokéballs on a healing machine and looked around for something. Once Lauren's Pokémon were healed, the nurse handed her the Pokéballs and a key to a room, and told her how to get there.

    "We hope to see you again!~" the nurse said, and Laurie hastily left for the room.

    So that's how I got here... Laurie thought, I'm at the Mercury City Pokémon Center... She looked at her knee. It looked better, and it was no longer bleeding. Then she smelled something funny, and realised it was her! After that hard that that was the day before, what she needed was one warm shower. Luckily, the room had a small bathroom which had a shower, so she felt free to use it. She entered the bathroom, removed her clothes, turned the knobs and went inside to clean her body of all the filth.

    Name: Creamer
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