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    Helix's Adventure
    Route 1
    "Helix to the Rescue"

    Tired of the vigorous training, Helix and his companions decided to cool off near a nearby stream where Helix layed down under a tree to relax. He was surely impressed by the improvement of his Pokemons and inside, he felt proud. The sun was now straight up in the middle of the sky, shinning brighter than ever and it also gave off a high temperature which under a shadow, one could lay off and sleep on the spot.

    Meanwhile, Relic and Emera were enjoying themselves in the river. They were also tired but it didn't hurt to have a little fun, besides, they wanted to enjoy the water and the afternoon that was approaching. The river water was cool and was calmly streaming down gently as a caterpillar on a leaf. This made the river sound quite lovely and Helix couldn't help but close his eyes for a bit. He was also tired and majorly hungry for he totally forgot about breakfast that morning in hurry for some Pokemon training. Stupid him. Though he didn't he needed some sleep. The night before the neighbor's, those that lived right next to the Pokemon Center were having a major blast of party which made it quite difficult for Helix to sleep well. So he used his chance and slept for now. He didn't worry about his Pokemon for he knew that they won't go off too far and that they'd surely return. Without worries, Helix dispersed into his dreams, where he dreamt of becoming the champion of this new region. A funny feeling struck him though. He saw his parents there, applausing him, his cousins and most of all, his aunt, the one which showed her that knowledge was everything someone could aquire.

    Suddenly, Helix woke up. He sat from where he was and glanced around, It seemed as if he had slept for quite some while for the sun's position was different, but most importantly, Where was his Pokemon? They weren't here? What happened to them?. Helix stood up anxiously.

    "RELIC? EMERA? WHERE ARE YOU?" Helix cried out, worried. Helix ran down to the riverside where they were playing but there was no possible track of them. "Where could you guys have gone?".

    "TYROOOOOGUE!" A noise cried out from the east of where Helix was standing. Helix recognized Relic's voice and didn't hesitate to ran in the cried out voice's direction. From the voice itself, it seemed as if Relic was hurt, which annoyed Helix to the bones.

    What could have happened to Emera and Relic? Why was Relic crying out loud? There must be something going on....To Be Continued..

    A Scattered Dream That's Like A Far Off Memory......!
    A Far Off Memory That's Like A Scattered Dream....!
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