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Dear Mia Clark,

We at the Steam Academy are seeking new and talented trainers to become part of Team Steam. We are an organisation who seek to find talent in trainers and nurture it. We created the Academy which grew from our simple idea. As such we have chosen you to become part of our small and select school.
You will remain here for at least a year until you are able to join the ranks of Team Steam. Our Academy is much more intensive that your current school and we promise you'll be stretched the limits physically and mentally, as will any Pokemon you take with you.
You can take one Pokemon with you but we have strict rules and regulations regarding the type of Pokemon you may take. If you do not own a Pokemon currently then you will be given one.

You will be under instruction from our four highly skilled tutors: Shelly, Matt, Courtney and Tabitha.
As you have been allotted a place in the Magma house you may only take any of the following Pokemon with you:

Please find enclosed tickets to take you from SLATEPORT to our Island located in the south west and an itinerary. Be at Slateport Harbour for 7am on Monday for the ferry. If you arrive late then you will not be accepted onboard.

We hope to see you soon.

Headmasters Maximillion and Archibald.

It is 2 years before the events of R/S/. A group of trainers have began to crop up; named Team Steam. They pride themselves on finding new and talented trainers to be part of their team. Or so that's what it seems on the outside...
Team Steam are actually an evil organisation. They are lead by two men named Max and Arch, who both share a common goal - tear the Hoenn region apart. They have learned that there are two orbs atop Mt. Pyre capable of unleashing the power of two mythical Pokemon, Groudon and Kyogre - said to have shaped the Hoenn region eons ago. It will take a lot of time and effort to pull this off alone so they are recruiting innocent teenagers to mould them into members of the organisation, so they can do their dirty work for them.
Team Steam decided to set up a new trainer's school, one that is only for the elite trainers out there. They haven't just kept the scope focused on Hoenn, they have recruited pupils from all regions to promote 'diversity'.

You receive a letter and are invited to join the prestigious academy. Will you manage to stay the full year to become a member or flee as the cracks start to show?


The academy is located in the South East of Hoenn, east of what will be the Battle Frontier. The Academy is a huge sprawling building, divided into two campuses, Red and Blue. There are many amenities such as: battlefield simulators, a Poke Centre and Mart and daycare centre - as well as the school building which is equipped with the latest technology.
The island is surrounded by a huge force field, so any one trying to escape will be caught and severely punished.


Magma House / Aqua House
Charmander / Squirtle
Pidgey / Pidgey
Vulpix / Psyduck
Zubat / Zubat
Growlithe / Poliwag
Geodude / Slowpoke
Cyndaquil / Totodile
Sentret / Chinchou
Slugma / Remoraid
Magby / Mantyke
Torchic / Mudkip
Poocheyna / Lotad
Taillow / Wingull
Numel / Carvanah
Chimchar / Piplup
Tepig / Oshawott
Pansear / Panpour
Darumaka / Tympole
Larvesta / Frillish

There will be opportunities to catch new Pokemon, don't worry!

[If you realllllly want a water/other type that's not on the list then ask :3]

School Uniform for Magma is a red shirt with black trousers/skirt.
School Uniform for Aqua is a turquoise shirt with white trousers/skirt.
Battle Uniform for Magma is a long red top with the 'M' emblazoned on it, with black trousers.
Battle Uniform for Aqua is a short sleeved hooded top with a white 'A' on it with light blue trousers.

Name Pretty simple, nothing too weird.
Age 13 - 18
Gender M/F
Description Physical appearance. You'll be in Uniform 90% of the time so you don't have to describe your clothing.
Personality 4 lines + no gary/mary sues.
Team Magma/Aqua
Pokemon Pick from above list, dependent on team
From Each town has its own trainer school. Unova and Sinnoh are considered ~ foreign ~.
History Short and sweet will be fine here.
Other Anything else?

Starter Post Getting letter via post ect then going on the boat.

- This is a T rp so nothing too gory/huge romantic scenes.
- No one liners.
- No god modding/powerplaying/limelighting ect.
- Pokemon can't evolve without my permission, same goes for catching new Pokemon.
- No going off plot with out my permission, if you have a suggestion then by all means ask me!
- If you decide to drop out for whatever reason then please tell me so I can give the space to another user.
- Keep OOC to a minimum, if this takes off then I'll make a topic for it.

I'll edit my form in if this gets interest c:
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