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    Victoria Stone

    Looking up at the other man who had approached, the one from the forest yesterday, his hand outstretched with a comb in it; Victoria couldn’t help but feel annoyance at him. Even though he hadn’t done anything this morning to warrant her suspicion, he still acted questionably the night prior. His teasing way of jesting at their “Love connection”, was a little heavy handed and improperly timed.

    She looked past the brush and up at him, he had a smile plastered on his face. His effort had certainly seemed genuine enough, she could sense no malice or deceit. She just wasn’t in the mood for people.

    Pixie stirred against Vincent’s thigh, right before he stood up in preparation to go help with the fish. Pixie jumped at his sudden motion, happily rubbing herself against his leg where he stood. Whatever had happened to Victoria, Pixie was evidently still in heaven.

    Victoria turned her attention away from the Vulpix and back to the man with the brush. “No thanks,” she said, pushing the brush back towards him. “I’ll be okay, thanks though,” she added, forcing herself to smile at him.

    Archie knew something was wrong, he always knew. The little Archen ruffled his feathers and glared at the two men. Something had happened and he intended to find out what. His eyes searched hungrily for clues, his gaze studying both men in a predatory fashion. He wasn’t about to stand for someone hurting his trainer. He looked at Vincent, recognizing him from the night before. He hadn’t trusted him then and it looked like he still didn’t trust him now.

    The situation grew increasingly uncomfortable for Victoria. She had to do something, any kind of busy work. Quickly standing to her feet, getting her balance underneath her on the shifting sand, Victoria ignored Vincent’s gaze and looked past him at the pile of fish. It was a writhing pile along the shoreline, a few of the Pokemon still splashing with minute traces of life.

    She walked past Vincent, her Pokemon now in tow. She had no idea what Bubba had been up to this whole time, he suddenly reappeared from under the sand nearby and walking in his trademark slow pace. Victoria still never made eye contact with Vincent, her only answer to his inquiry a simple, “Sure,” in reply.

    Taking a few steps past them, Victoria stopped and cocked her head slightly towards the other man. “Sorry, I almost threw a rock at you last night. I guess I owe you an apology,” she said, before continuing towards the fish pile. Her pace moderated and steady.

    The pile of fish was impressive for the work of just a Vaporeon and Jolteon working together. It looked to be a mixture of many different breeds too. Magikarp, Remoraid and a lone Carvanha. The last one definitely not looking like very good eating material. Victoria picked up a Remoraid, the little Pokemon being more solid in weight than she had anticipated. It flopped desperately in her hands, its eyes pleading with her, as if to beg for its life. The little Pokemon had a damaged pectoral fin, its life must have been a hard one. The handicap must have been a severe hinderance in the hard ocean life.

    She couldn’t do it, the thought of eating this creature truly saddened her even more, she didn’t even really like fish. Placing it on the ground and discretely pulling one of the empty balls off her belt, she dropped it on the Pokemon. She sympathized with it greatly, both of them damaged and broken, just in different ways. The ball gave off an audible “Click”, the shaking motion came to stop.

    Quickly returning the ball to its harness location, she knew that her Pokemon had to eat. She couldn’t save them all, but that one wasn’t going to survive its whole life only to become breakfast. Turning back to the pile, she reached for a Magikarp and began to walk back towards the fire. However, this time, she made sure it was already dead.
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