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    Originally Posted by 4th Gen Matt View Post
    I was incredibly surprised to see my name in the special thanks, considering I haven't been online in over a year.

    Well, I suppose I'll give it a try then.

    *I take it English isn't your first language? Well, no matter, I can understand the gist of what everybody's saying, which is what's important. I'm liking everything so far although the movement seems a bit clunky? I dunno', just the first thing I noticed.
    I was incredibly surprised to see you here, you aren't active in around three years! But I am searching resources and other stuff since around 2010 beginning, so I checked several topics, even some older ones, just like a good developer hunting resources need to do.

    About the movement, are you talking about the m/s pauses or the stepping animation? The first one its a strange problem in some PCs> In my tests this problem disappears after the first game minutes, I thinks that the computer automatic adjusts to this game as this problem is indifferent if you have save files or not. The second its because I prefer than the ones with the new stepping animation, because I thinks the newer is too fast, but I probably change it on a new version.

    Originally Posted by jeisin0096 View Post
    First of all I'd like to say great game, I'm having a lot of fun. I do have a question though, at what rank is it possible to purchase stones(fire, water, ect.) from the store? And are you going to ever release any sort of walk-through or at least details on where pokemon are located and such?
    And one last thing, accuracy overall seems to have been tweeked with, in my opinion, a little too much. I found at the beginning of the game missing tackle at the start of the match. Maybe I've just been lucky in for the past 10+ years but I've never had attacks like that straight up miss for no reason. But like I said before, love the game. Great job!
    At Rank 9 you can buy the stones.

    I am against the idea of the game creators making walkthrough of his game, if the creator want to display these thing, spread throughout the game (primarily on NPCs). In my case I put several NPCs saying tips, mainly at Pokémon Island Hotel. About the locations, there is a researcher in the Research and Development Center that tells you some pokémon locations that you don't have in your Pokédex, a big system that I made that covers the several obtain methods at the Pokémon Island. There is also the Pokédex area option.

    There an accuracy error in 1.1b that every move have 1% more of miss change, but it was corrected in 1.1c. I believe that your miss is only lucky, remember that Tackle have 95% accuracy chance.

    Originally Posted by Scorpiopt View Post
    is there any probable date on the next version?
    Originally Posted by Topic will not come before 2013.
    Originally Posted by cronos5010 View Post
    i have a question where can i find fossils ?
    There is an area that you can see shiny points on walls, these points has a chance of having the fossils.
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