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    As the brush was refused, he had a confused look on his face. He looked at the brush and then again back at the girl. Puzzled at the refusal, he shrugged his shoulders and put his brush in his back pocket again.

    After the girl had apologized to him for the prior encounter he put his hand behind his neck and titled his head to the side. "Hey, don't worry about it. Had I been your position I'd probably be cautious as well." He let out a slight laugh and smiled at her. He watched her get up and head towards the pile of fish. Directing his attention to the other guy who complemented him on his work. Although it felt shallow and he seemed annoyed at his presence.

    "Thanks." he said in reply "I figured none of us have probably eaten in over 12 hours." Seeing him get his Kadabra to help he thought of his Flareon who hasn't been out yet. Grabbing the Pokéball on his belt, he let out his Flareon. "Pyre, need a quick favor from you, use ember on the fire pit so we can have a good bed of coals to cook on, then you can go play with Cryo and Flash." Pyre quickly complied shooting its ember attack at the fire pit turning it into a nice bed of coals. "Flarey-flare" it said with enthusiasm as it ran off to its companions.

    As the girl came back with fish in hand, he smiled in thanks. "Thanks for the help. By the way, I'm Damion."
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