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    Victoria Stone

    Oh great Arceus in the heavens, Victoria so desperately wanted to be alone. Vincent had come back with some fish, his Kadabra levitating a great deal of them with telekinesis. His Kadabra had been so helpful so far, Victoria made a mental note to thank it for all he had done. Besides, it’s not like the Kadabra did anything wrong to her.

    The dead Magikarp, now thankfully out of her grasp, she watched Vincent go and say he was searching out sticks for the fish. Victoria, for reasons she found impossible to explain, couldn’t help but watch him as he walked away. Anger swelled in her again, a fire struggling to be contained. Her ire was up, very few people had an ability to make her truly angry or hurt. Normally she would just blow off stuff, sure she held onto grudges for a long time, but it didn’t mean she had a lot of them.

    She found herself clenching her hands into fists, shaking bitterly with petulance. It was like he didn’t even know what he said, or the effect his words could have. Her Pokemon tensed in response to her behavior. They very rarely saw her like this, maybe the occasional row with her father, but not strangers. Archie pecked at her head lightly, his attempt at playing with her. She waived him off, his squawk of surprise echoing across the sands.

    The other boy had been talking all the while her attention was diverted. Quickly pretending to act like she was paying attention, Victoria turned to him and responded, “I’m Victoria.” Her response was probably a little more short and terse than she had intended.

    Never really having too many friends before, she wasn’t sure what to do when you got in an argument with one. Her father would usually find someway of calming her down, a nice chat, or maybe even a game of cards.

    Turning her attention back to Damion, his smile seemed to be a permanent fixture on his face. “Hey, uh, listen. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude. My mind is just...elsewhere...” Her voice became distant and sidelong. Her mannerisms stiff and tempered, as she tried to sell a fake smile.

    “Once he gets back, I guess we can go ahead and start cooking,” she said in passing, on her way to sit on the Kadabra’s left.
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