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    Haru sat up slowly after waking from his nap. He yawned loudly, and began to gather his gear. Douglas and Nom are here. My pokeballs are here, my medical supplies are here...I have food. Alright, time to go!

    He stood up and started to walk towards Route 1. He released Nom and Douglas. "Alright guys, we're gonna train, and we're gonna train hard. Any questions?" Nom and Douglas both looked like they had questions, but they didn't raise their hands. "Alright, good. Let's go!"

    He sprinted for the route, and finally arrived there. He decided to fight the first pokemon he saw. He saw two Panpours and Pansears. "That's what we're goin for guys!" he shouted as his pokemon. "Nom, use silver wind, Douglas, dig!"

    The Diglett disappeared underground, and the Sewaddle shot a volley of air at the Panpours, striking both of them. Before any of them could react, Douglas appeared from underground hitting one of the Pansears, instantly knocking it out with it's power. The other spun around and nailed Douglas with a fire punch. The Diglett returned under ground, hurt but not defeated.

    Nom fired another volley at the Panpours while they rushed him, and knocked one out. The other got a lucky hit on him, and he flew back. Douglas hit the other Pansear, finishing it as well, for it was a powerful Diglett for it's level. The Panpour spun around and hit Douglas with a powerful water gun. The Diglett fainted. "No! Douglas, return!" the pokemon disappeared with a red flash into it's pokeball.

    Nom came crawling back slowly. "You okay Nom?" the Sewaddle nodded, and continued to crawl forward. "Silver wind!" Nom shot forth mulitiple slashes of energy, each one connecting to it's target. The Panpour fell, out of fight.

    Trent laughed. "Good job Nom! To the Pokemon Center!" he shouted and returned Nom. He sprinted all the way to the Pokemon Center, and burst through the door. He gave the two pokeballs to the nurse, and she began to heal them.