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Okay, I'll stop arguing.

But understand;
Wolves are feral animals that have been known to survived getting whacked by a moose. Wolves are MUCH sturdier than dogs. Before you give stats to animals, at least learn about them first. A wolf is a wild animal that survives in one of the harshest enviroments; while dogs were bred just to help humans do work, or be family pets.
A wolf is far from being a Fido. It's pretty much superior to a dog in every physical aspect.


Like I said, before giving animals stats, actually learn about them first.

Also I think you're getting defense and HP mixed up. HP is the amount of damage a Pokemon can take before it faints, Defense determines the amount of damage it takes.
Don't look at it as a number, look at it in a relative way.
Say, a Golbat is hit by a neutral attack and it loses 20 of its HP of say...200.
That's 10% of its HP lost.
A Wigglytuff is hit by the same attack, and it takes about 50 damage, out of 300. That's 15% of its HP lost.
Wigglytuff may have more HP, but it takes more damage regardless.

HP is meaningless if you don't have a good defense.

Blissey has huge HP and a huge Special Defense, but a neutral physical attack would still have massive damage.

One last time; We're talking about reality here. If I want to train my Charmeleon to have more resistance to water, then I can. That doesn't delete it's weakness, but it can still be tough.

I won't reply to this thread anymore.
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