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    Ryan ducked and rolled just in time to avoid a grenade thrown by one of the adults. "So much for my Blast Burn, i wont have time to use it if they keep chucking grenades!" The blast from aforementioned grenade hit one of the adults and sent him flying backwards with two less limbs. This though, didnt discourage the remaining adults at all, and they kept pressing forward until there was only about a 10 foot radius between Ryan and the mob surrounding him on all sides.

    Casper inquired."On it" Ryan replied. At that moment several things happened, Ryan sprang up into the air, an one of the mob threw another grenade, which of course missed, and a male adult managed to grab his tail and hang on, while trying to stab Ryan with a knife.

    As the grenade detonated The male adult was burned in the face by Ryan,s tail flame, and fell to the ground and rolled out of sight. Ryan quickly changed direction and flew headfirst towards the ground at he angry mob, bringing his feet down at the last second, leaving cracks in the earth and toppling most of the adults over with his earthquake attack. While they were still stunned and injured, Ryan sprinted towards the exit, only to feel and immense pain in left shoulder. He was forced to slow his pace due to the pain, but made it out of Jubilfe in time to lie low in a nearby forest.

    Ryan sank down onto the ground next to a tree, and looked at his shoulder to find a scalpel sticking out of it. He sighed, adn reached over his shoulder and pulled it out out with a sharp tug. "ahh!" he yelped as blood began flowing out of his shoulder. he de-shifted, and gingerly took off his hoodie, and used it to tie his shoulder to slow the bleeding.

    Ryan pushed him to his feet and pulled a map of Sinnoh out of his jeans pocket and stared at it wistfully, Man, i wish Lisa was here, i remember when she gave this map to me for safekeeping before journeying from Johto...I hope she is Okay...Ryan thought to himself. after studying the map for a bit, he decided to head to the nearest inhabited city, Eterna City.

    "Do you really think i can fly with this shoulder wound, casper?" Ryan asked. Ryan just shook his head and started towards Eterna Forest.

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