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    Sage Smith

    Sage looked up and glanced around the classroom. There were already a few people sitting in the desks and after a few minutes the last student entered and took a seat. It seemed everyone had arrived, and right on time too. "Good Morning Students" he said standing up in front of the class. "Welcome to Usage of Berries and Poffin Making. I'm your instructor, Mr. Sage Smith" he said looking around with a smile, having to make himself keep it in place when he spotted the boy he had seen the night before with his sister. "Today we will be going over Poffin Basics. You'll learn the basics about how to make poffins, and the ingredients that go into them. You will then choose a Pokemon to sample one of the Poffins I have on my desk before we have a little contest, now first question, In your words What is a Poffin?"

    Rosalyn Smith

    Rosalyn smiled to herself as she entered the classroom. It seemed like the only person in the room was the teacher who was setting up a projector along with his lesson plans. "Good Morning Sir" she said politely and sat down in a desk at the front of the classroom. She saw she still had time left before class started, especially since she was the only student in the classroom. With a smile she pulled out her sketchbook and started working on the sketch she had been working on during breakfast, the moment in the battle against her new Horsea where the attacks had caused the explosion that had hurt Jimmy's eyes.

    Genevieve Molyneux

    "Your right, they normally do identify the first person they see as their mother. That's part of why Trainers with Togepi, or it's evolved forms have such a strong bond with their Pokemon." she smiled. "And they are very happy-go-lucky, it'll fit perfectly into your team. And there's even this old Proverb I heard back home from a trainer that came from the Johto Region, that happiness will come to someone if they can make a sleeping togepi stand up"

    Looking around the Cafeteria she noticed there weren't really that many people there. "that sounds good, but I think I'm gonna have Toast, an Apple, and a latte" she said before grabbing her three Pokeballs and calling out Sapphire, Toto, and Kitty out. Right away Sapphire's eyes landed on Hugin and she glared at him. Genevieve didn't even notice the glare and she pulled out three bowls and put a bit of Pokemon food in each. "eat up guys while I go get my breakfast." she smiled and all three Pokemon dug into their food, but behind her trainers back Sapphire kept sending glares at Hugin. "I'll be right back Maxy" she smiled and kissed his cheek before going to get her toast, apple, and latte. She paid for it and no more than five minutes later she was back at the table sitting down.

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