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    Maxwell Leggingsteele

    Maxwell laughed loudly when Genevieve saud that a happy-go-lucky Pokémon woukd fit perfectly into his team. She was right after all. Slackey was one of the laziest creatures he had ever seen and his personality wasn't much better. From what he had observed of Katam, the little Pokémon seemed really peaceful with everything as well. And Wilson, while leaning more towards neutral or calm, the Swinub was generally a happy Pokémon as well. It was just Quillie that would need to work on his personality. Although Maxwell doubted that it would ever happen...

    Meanwhile, the human girl had sent out her Pokémon. Hugin wasn't actually thrilled to see it, but he was interested in what sorry bunch of losers she had managed to gather. There was a dark-blue monkey, a fox and... A Meowth. Hugin made a small snort of disgust when he saw the feline. Murkrows and Honchkrows were known for taking quite the liking to shiny objects, as did Meowths and their evolved form Persian. So naturally, the two families often tried to rival each other over glimmering treasures and other stuff. But he decided to leave that for lat... Why was that monket glaring at him like that? Unnacceptable! Hugin directed a glare of his own towards the Simipour as well as buffing up his own feathers in an attempt to look bigger and more frightening.

    "Honch, Honch! Honchkrow!"(What are you staring at? Look somwhere else, you disturb my peace you failed offspring of a Mankey and a Tangela!) Hugin snapped at Sapphire. Maxwell just sighed,

    "Hugin, shut up and stop trying to pick fights. I'm sorry Sapphire, he just suffers from a lot of hubris." The teen explained, recieving a few glares from the Dark/Flying-type himself.

    As Genevieve returned to the table, Maxwell got up in order to fetch the food for his Pokémon. He had to go many times to be able to bring all of the different meals to his Pokémon. Wilson got the pancakes in some kind of tower-construction since they were so many, which he happily started to munch on. Quillie just nodded as he recieved his food and started to eat the veggies he got. Slackey lazily ate his banana while Hugin complained that the seeds were not the finest form the finest Sitrus Plant. Maxwell felt bad for poor Katam who hadn't gotten anything, but he had no idea what the tadpole liked. So he decided to ask Genevieve instead,

    "Hey, do you know what kind of food Katam's species likes?" Maxwell asked her and held up the Water-type.
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